Hard Floor Cleaning and Polishing Mayfair W1

hard-floor-cleaningHard floors require professional cleaning to be kept in good condition and don’t get damaged. We can provide efficient cleaning of all types of hard floors using specialised and effective machines and detergents.

Use our reliable and affordable hard floor cleaning and polishing services that we implement in the Mayfair area to have impeccable floor coverings. We guarantee you removal of stains, darkening and grit from tiles, granite, marble, terracotta, linoleum and other types of hard floors.

Our employees are supplied with the best rotary machines and cleaning solutions for washing hard floors.

High-quality Hard Floor Cleaning and Polishing Mayfair

Our hard floor cleaning services include:

  • Sweeping and mopping the floor coverings
  • Using effective rotary machines and suitable cleaning solution
  • Removal of limescale, grit, soiling, mould and grime
  • Rinsing and wiping dry the cleaned floor
  • Cleaning inaccessible areas by hand

“ Many thanks to your company and your cleaners. I would definitely use your company from now on, for regular maintenance of my floors. I did not think they could get to clean. I just could not thank you enough. You are the best! ” – Jameson

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You can count on the workers in our company to remove the limescale, mould, stains and soiling from your floor coverings. They use advanced rotary machines which work under high speed and have brushes that gather the dirt. Before using them, our staff mop and sweep the floor covering whenever it is necessary.

Professional Hard Floor Cleaning and Polishing W1

hard-floor-cleaning-servicesThe rotary machines spread cleaning solution to wash the floor. Our staff can remove mould, limescale and stubborn stains from tiles, slates and other types of floor coverings. The hard floor cleaning and polishing which we offer within W1 is available seven days per week.

After washing and rinsing the hard floor, our staff use special polishing machines which work under lower speed. They polish the floor and remove more stubborn stains and grime. Using suitable for the floor covering polishing agents, our staff apply a protective coating over the washed and wiped ceramic, natural stone, terracotta and other floors.

The process ensures the longevity and better state of the hard floors which become more resistant and look better. Contact us to book the hard floor cleaning and polishing we carry out in Mayfair, W1 and in the rest of London. You will receive great services at competitive prices.

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